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We keep you informed about the latest news in the world of our screen installations. Here you will find an up-to-date list of our trade fairs, new projects, interviews and other company-related news.

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Schenkeveld Tomatoes switches to double energy screens

04 August 2022
Peter Dekker Installaties (PDI) has been supplying and installing screen systems for ..
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Perfection in screencloth sewing

01 August 2022
Since 2005 is in Naaldwijk (Holland) De Molen Agro b.v. located. This independent com..
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For screens I don't need to look further

15 June 2022
This time, as part of the series "Op bezoek bij PDI klanten” (Visiting PDI customer..
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Thank you Gabriël

04 April 2022
1 April was the last working day for Gabriël van Oostenbruggen (59); after 18 years ..
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Good old times

28 February 2022
It must have been in the 80's, some time ago, that Hans van der Ende and Jan Vellekoo..
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Decide what stays in and what stays out

21 December 2021
Insectnetting in the ventilation windows, it's becoming more and more important for t..
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Stainless steel pipe trolleys

25 October 2021
No fewer than fifteen brand-new pipe trolleys are ready and waiting at PDI. And what ..
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Extension of the team

20 September 2021
We are happy to announce two more staff members. We would like to introduce them to y..
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Don't be to late

24 July 2021
When we speak about renovating the screens we are often talk about the same things. C..
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Gardencenter new style

28 June 2021
Over the last years we have installed several new screens in gardencenters. These scr..
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New faces

09 June 2021
Last month two new members joined PDI. With this news item we would like to introduce..
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Together 60 years at PDI

04 May 2021
It is always positive when you can eat a lot of cake in honor of celebrating colleagu..
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Expansion of the machinery

15 March 2021
This year PDI invested in new construction machines. Due to the heights of the modern..
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PDI in Africa

18 February 2021
PDI is active on many continents. One of them is Africa. In this part of the world yo..
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Total transformation

10 February 2021
Mostert nursery in Holland is a potted plants farm. This company is run by Father Fri..
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Behind the scenes with Jeroen de Jonge

16 July 2020
As a salesman, Jeroen de Jonge is always on the lookout for new projects. Not only th..
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PDI Slip-in system in the Onder Glas trade journal

14 July 2020
In the March 2020 edition, PDI formed part of a great article in the ‘Onder Glas’..
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Behind the scenes with Rene van Veldhoven

30 June 2020
As a project manager, Rene van Veldhoven’s work starts as soon as a sale has been a..