Peter Dekker Installaties puts new confection machine into service to boost production

Peter Dekker Installaties (PDI), a leading company in the field of innovative screen installations, has proudly announced the launch of their latest confection machine. This advanced machine promises to significantly increase the productivity and efficiency of the rolling screen manufacturing process, allowing for faster and more accurate production. 

With almost 40 years of experience in the industry, Peter Dekker Installaties has worked constantly to innovate and improve the processes within the sector. The introduction of this advanced machine marks an important milestone. 

Peter Dekker: ‘We used to outsource the processing of cloth for rolling screens, but around 20 years ago, we started our own confection company called De Molen Agro. The company gave PDI greater flexibility and the ability to guarantee quality at all times. The old confection machine has been in use for around 20 years and lacks the technology of the new one. We are certainly not getting rid of the old one, though. It’s quite possible that both machines will soon be in continuous operation. We are delighted to be able to introduce our advanced confection machine. We have spent a long time working with our supplier on the development of this bespoke machine’. 

Obviously, the machine features more options than the old one. The most significant upgrade relative to the old machine is that we can now make up widths of up to 5.30 metres. That is a truly remarkable improvement. The machine also features advanced automation technologies that minimise manual tasks and reduce the likelihood of errors. Additionally, the machine can run at high speeds.” 

 Who exactly are the men behind De Molen Agro? 

Together Henk Vijverberg and Steven Roth have over 60 years of experience in screen systems and have been inseparable since 2000. They jointly formed the leading team of rolling screen specialists. At the same time as they set up De Molen Agro, they started their own confection company. They both put their years of experience in field sales to good use when the screens are being made up. Henk: ‘We know better than anyone how a screen cloth needs to be delivered so that can be easily installed on site. We only supply screens that are easy to roll up. That’s what every screen installer wants.’  

Beyond production for in-house use 

When the idea to make up cloth for rolling screens ourselves was conceived, we only intended them to be for our own use. However, as the years went by, we received more and more requests from other companies in the sector to fabricate screens for them. Word of the quality that Henk and Steven provided rapidly spread across the Westland region and others were attracted by their flexibility. Today we can safely say that a large proportion of what we produce is for third parties rather than for our own use. That’s something we’re quite proud of. It was also one of the reasons for purchasing the new machine. De Molen Agro is ready for the future. 

However, producing rolling screens is certainly not the only thing that De Molen Agro does. Adjustments for horizontal installations cloth are also made here, together with the cutting and assembly of the fixed cams. In short, this remarkable company is involved in a wide range of activities. 

Peter Dekker Installaties places a high value on sustainability and has therefore ensured that the confection machine is energy efficient and produces minimal waste flows. Consequently, companies that use this machine are doing their bit towards creating a greener future. In addition, the space for the machine has been modified, the hall having been equipped with new cranes for moving the rolls.