Pioneers in technology


It is in our innovative nature to always want to deliver the best product. We respond to customer needs, developments in technology and environmental requirements. As a result, we are always innovating our products. Innovations in terms of ease of use, time savings, safety and reliability of the system. We have already implemented a number of innovations that have become household names in the world of screen systems, such as the PDI Roll Motor, the PDI Spring Block, the PDI Slip-in System and the PDI Profile.

PDI Slip-in system

PDI is the originator of the new way of mounting cloths. The screens are retracted at the side of the greenhouse, eliminating the need for clips to secure the cloth, and technicians only have to work at height along the side walls of the greenhouse. The keywords of the PDI Slip-in system: time savings and safety.

PDI Roll Motor

We developed the PDI Roll Motor with built-in torque limiter as an alternative to the tubular motor. It can handle long distances (up to 200 metres), regular opening and closing and bad weather. The torque limiter ensures that the system disappears completely into the purlin when the screen is open.

PDI Spring Block

The PDI Spring Block ensures optimum closure and the smallest possible cloth package. The Spring Block presses the screen against the lattice with a constant minimum tension. This compensates for shrinkage and expansion of the greenhouse, and the screen will always close properly. Because the Spring Block does not slip, it achieves the smallest possible cloth package.