Van Adrichem Nurseries commissions installation of second energy screen

Dutch tomato greenhouse Van Adrichem has commissioned Peter Dekker Installaties (PDI) to install a second energy screen in two of their greenhouses in Westdorpe, which together cover nearly 20 hectares. The completion of this project, with the successful installation of the screen and the adjustment of the motors, marks an important step towards more efficient and sustainable cultivation.

Sustainable Cultivation Benefits
According to Van Adrichem, the second energy screen provides significant added value by allowing a more efficient use of available heat. This means that the greenhouse can be maintained at an optimal temperature with less heat, or that the same amount of heat can be used to heat a larger greenhouse area.

The recently completed energy screen, which was put into operation in November, came just in time for the new crop. Sjoerd van Adrichem highlighted the importance of learning and being ready for the new system. "What we ultimately want to achieve is being able to run a third greenhouse without the need for extra heat. A wonderful development!"

Sublimato is the nickname of the location in Westdorpe, in the region of Zeelandic Flanders. This site runs entirely on waste heat from the nearby Yara Sluiskil fertilizer manufacturing plant. The factory supplies heat to 125 hectares of greenhouses where tomatoes, eggplants, cucumbers, and peppers are grown.

Sublimato is an appropriate name, derived from SUBLIeMe Adrichem TOmaten (Sublime Adrichem Tomatoes). Significant investments in sustainability have been made at the facilities over the past years, including the installation of solar panels. Van Adrichem proudly stated that "you won't be able to find tomatoes that are grown more sustainably than ours!"

"The 'tougher' the customer, the better for us"
Sjoerd van Adrichem said to be satisfied with the collaboration with PDI, with which intensive contact was kept to address the implementation of the installation. He praises PDI's craftsmanship. "Peet Hordijk and his team have set up a beautiful installation in eight weeks. They strive for perfection, which is evident from the fact that there was constant consultation with me about almost everything during the installation, which is ultimately good for the quality."

Jeroen de Jonge of PDI looks back on the positive experience of a previous cooperation with Van Adrichem, which involved the replacement of the fabric of the top screen in one of the greenhouses. "Working with the Van Adrichem brothers is a pleasant experience. Sjoerd is critical in a good way and asks a lot of thoughtful questions. That's what we at PDI like. The 'tougher' the customer, the better for us. And by tough, we mean it in a positive sense."

Van Adrichem Kwekerijen, with roots in Westland, has focused exclusively on tomato cultivation since the 1980's. The company manages a total of 34 hectares spread over two locations in Steenbergen (North Brabant) and Westdorpe (Zeeland). The Sublimato greenhouses in Westdorpe, which run on waste heat, are an example of sustainable and innovative cultivation.

Sjoerd and Bas van Adrichem run the Westdorpe facilities. Next year they will expand with a new greenhouse of almost 72,000 m², equipped with two energy screens from PDI. The full 26.7 hectares will then be equipped with two energy screens, so the company's heat consumption will be similar as when it had 19.5 hectares with a single screen installation.