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Projects completed worldwide

Our work is about craftsmanship, customization and customer trust. No wonder we are proud of the beautiful projects we realize. PDI is synonymous with quality and innovation. Over the years, this has yielded a valuable portfolio for us. Would you like to find out more? Take a look at our showcases and our overview of completed projects.

Realised worldwide

Projects completed

As well as these featured projects, we have delivered many more projects over the years. Completed worldwide and with different types of screen installations. Companies with different crops, sometimes small and sometimes large areas. Take a look at more of our completed projects here. Do you have questions about our projects? Please contact us, we will be happy to assist.

Company Country Breeding Surface Installation type
Nieuwkoop Europe Nederland Planten 5.530 m2 Energieschermen
Green Empire fase & 2 USA Tomaten 262.600 m2 Scherminstallaties Slip-in systeem
Grootscholte Terneuzen Nederland Paprika's 132.540 m2 Scherminstallaties, slip-in systeem
Steiner Gemüse Duitsland Groenten 46.030 m2 Dubbele scherminstallaties
Floricultura Nederland Orchideeën - m2 Insectengaas
FromBoer Nederland Bladgroenten 38.869 m2 Dubbele schermings-energie installaties PDI Slip-in systeem
Cactus van der Meer Nederland Cactussen - m2 Rolgevels
Dutch Berries Nederland Aardbeien 41.040 m2 Scherminstallatie Slip-in systeem
Kötterheinrich Hortensien Duitsland Hortensia 2.867 m2 Scherminstallaties
JGS Nederland Paprika's 60.572 m2 Scherminstallatie Slip-in systeem
Dalat Hasfarms Vietnam 24.000 m2 Levering verduisteringsinstallaties
Gartenbau Wallner GmbH Oostenrijk Bloemen 5.881 m2 Renovatie
MiljØgarteneriet Noorwegen Tomaten 18.975 m2 Renovatie
IBN kwekerijen Nederland Stekmateriaal 3.072 m2 Scherminstallatie
Karma Plants Nederland Anthurium 24.960 m2 Triple scherminstallaties
Agro Care | Dessert Joy Tunesië Tomaten 48.160 m2 Scherminstallaties
Windset Farms USA Tomaten 58.752 m2 Scherminstallaties
Anthura Arndt Duitsland Phalanopsis young plants m2 Insectengaas
Florensis Ethiopië Ethiopië - 16.128 m2 Levering & supervisie
TC Coppelmans Nederland Tuincentra - m2 Binnendekrolscherm
MØllerhØj Denemarken Potplanten 24.200 m2 Verduistering
Dekker Chrysanten Tanzania Tanzania 1.040 m2 Levering materiaal dubbele scherminstallatie
Maarel Orchids Nederland Orchideeën 47.152 m2 Renovatie
Hoogweg Paprikakwekerijen BV Fase 1 Nederland Paprika 250.000 m2 Scherminstallaties, Slip-in systeem en gevelschermen
Welzel Gartenbau Duitsland Planten 48.132 m2 Verduistering
Gartenbau Hagn GbR Duitsland Tomaten 4.131 m2 Renovatie scherminstallaties
WALERO Nederland Paprika's 68.387 m2 Renovatie diverse installaties