Screen systems in many variations

Horizontal screen system

Horizontal screen systems are the best known and most common forms of screen systems. These systems offer many possibilities in variations and can be divided into pull-wire and push-pull systems. We have developed the PDI Spring Block for both systems. This mechanism ensures the smallest possible cloth package and optimum closure.

Horizontal screen systems are increasingly being fitted with the PDI Slip-in system. With this system, screens are no longer fastened with clips, but are instead pulled directly and safely into the screen profiles via the sides of the greenhouse.


Depending on the crop and customer requirements, we offer the horizontal screen systems in several versions:

  • Single, double or triple screen
  • Two systems on a single wire bed
  • Energy saving
  • Blackout
  • Sun protection

The choice of cloth ultimately determines the desired climate in the greenhouse. Our advisers will be happy to explore the various options with you.


Double screen systems

Double screen systems are gaining momentum. Managing the climate is important in greenhouses. A major advantage of a double horizontal screen system is the energy savings and therefore better efficiency.

Quality in service

At PDI, we do a lot of things in-house. This allows us to guarantee the quality of our product. Providing good service is a matter of course for us and unburdening our customers is what we are all about.