garden centres with new screen systems

Garden centre 2.0

In recent years, we have had the opportunity to install new screen systems at several garden centres. These are usually no longer the installations that were standard some 10 years ago. Nowadays, we mostly focus on exterior screens, deco screens, Christmas roller screens and bird netting.

Getting warmer

We notice that it is getting warmer. We even seem to be moving towards the climate of France. And days above 30 degrees are also becoming more frequent. For a garden centre, it is very important that customers can shop pleasantly. An exterior screen greatly contributes to this. Heat that you can keep outside no longer needs to be dissipated inside. And you can screen along with the sun. First close the left half and later the right half, for instance. An exterior screen allows customers to enjoy walking around inside even on very hot days.

Creating atmosphere

Instead of the familiar roller screens, fixed decoration screens are increasingly being chosen. This cloth is thus permanently installed without a drive and motor and is partly intended to create a certain atmosphere in the store. After all, you already block out the sun with the exterior screen.

Christmas period

The Christmas period is going to be increasingly important for a garden centre. A large proportion of sales are made during this period. To really get a perfect Christmas experience, you will have to make the space dark. We do this using a roller screen with black cloth. With one turn of the knob, you transform the space into a winter wonderland.

Uninvited guests

We are also seeing increasing demand for bird netting. For instance, a store that sells bird feed doesn’t want birds come have a taste of it. So they prefer to keep these uninvited guests out. With bird netting in the vents, you get rid of this problem immediately. A slightly finer mesh can also ensure that less exterior dust gets onto the products.

If you would like to know more about the possibilities of screen systems in a garden centre, we would be happy to visit you.


Gardencenter new style

Over the last years we have installed several new screens in gardencenters. These screens are not the same anymore as the standard ones we installed in the past. Today we talk about outside-screens, decoration-screens, christmas-screens and netting for birds.

Warmer climate

We notice that the temperature is rising over the last years. It seems that in Holland we will go to France climates. Days above 30 degrees are no longer exeptional anymore. For a gardencenter it is crucial that the customers can shop in a pleasant way. Outside-screens are the perfect solutions for that. It is the best way to keep warmth outside. And it is even possible to use the screen the same way as the sun moves. Outside-screens keep the customers cool on a hot day.

Creating a nice ambiance

Instead of the known inside roofroll-screens, owners of gardencenters choice more and more for fixed decoration-screens. These screens are fixed mounted, they don't have drives and motors. These screens will create a nice ambiance in the gardencenter. For more shading you can always use your outside-screen.

X-mas time

The christmas period is getting more and more important for a gardencenter. A great part of the turnover comes from this period. For the best christmas feeling you need to blackout the surroundings. This is possible by using a black cloth. With one turn of the switch you change the place in a winter wonderland.

Uninvited guests

The request for bird-netting is increasing. For a shop who sells birdfood it is a nightmare when real birds enter the place and start eating this food. These animals are really not wanted. With bird-netting this problem is solved. By using a thinner net you can also keep a lot of dust outside.