Schenkeveld and PDI are both looking forward to the results of the double energy screens.

Schenkeveld Tomaten switches to double energy screens

Peter Dekker Installaties (PDI) has been supplying and installing screen systems for greenhouse horticulture since 1984. We are known in the sector for our expertise, innovation, quality and customer advice. This has earned us a good reputation over time. Our many years of experience and knowledge enable us to realise successful global projects. But of course, we also have loyal customers close to home.

Schenkeveld Tomaten is a good example of that. There is regular contact between the two companies to review screen systems and cloths and possibly renew them in phases. This way, Schenkeveld is always up to date. With the high energy prices, this year is an exception. The greenhouses at the Schenkeveld Schiphol location will get a second energy screen to save more energy and costs.
When energy prices rose, Schenkeveld knew for sure: this is what we were going to do”, says Richard Schenkeveld. Thanks to the long-term relationship, he can respond quickly. “Richard knows exactly what he wants. I don't have to sell him anything; he buys. Conversely, we know exactly what his wishes are. We have all the data, we know the greenhouse, the systems, the screens, etc. So we can get to work quickly”, explains Jan Vellekoop.
The Schenkeveld Schiphol greenhouse complex is equipped with the modern Slip-in system. Construction of the project, totalling 44 hectares, started in 2017 and will be completed this year.


Slip-in system

PDI is the originator of the new way of mounting screens. The screens are fitted with a plastic strip on the sides, eliminating the need for clips to secure the cloth, and technicians only have to work at height along the side walls of the greenhouse. The keywords of the PDI Slip-in system: time savings and safety.

Schenkeveld and PDI are both looking forward to the results of the double energy screens. Previously, Schenkeveld used fixed foil which stayed in place for about eight weeks. Richard: “The timing is difficult to estimate and it takes time”. Now Schenkeveld can use the additional screen at the push of a button, 52 weeks a year. Ready for winter!