Renovating a screen system

Don’t wait too long

When we talk about renovating a screen system, we are usually talking about a number of aspects. New fabric is installed, polyester wires are renewed, the sealing strips are replaced, and usually, new wire guides are placed on the profiles. After a longer period, the pull-wires often come up as well. Another very important part that definitely needs replacing is often forgotten: the bearings in the shaft bearings.

Renovating the screen system

from 4 to 8

In the early days, shaft bearings had 4 bearings per bearing housing. There was nothing wrong with that, it worked fine and everyone used the same shaft bearings. Today, we notice that systems are becoming more common and we see that the “old” 4 bearings have seen their best days. The problem that arises is that the bearings no longer run smoothly and make a lot of noise, and that the shaft is becoming significantly thinner at the bearing location. This problem is very easy to solve. No need to wait for a renovation to be carried out, you could start working on this tomorrow. The 4 old bearings are replaced by 8 new ones. Spacer bushings are placed where the old bearings were. And the new bearings are now fitted to the outside of the housing.


Own labour

Replacing these bearings is also very easy for customers to do themselves. We have a fixed price for the material needed per shaft bearing. Just count the number of axle bearings, let us know and within a few days you can be up and running. So our advice is: don’t wait too long. This is a minor investment and the result is major.