Our journey with Dutch Berries

Dutch Berries and PDI: A Thriving Collaboration

In 2017, our journey with Dutch Berries began. The news spread like wildfire that Dutch Berries had plans to build an impressive 20-hectare strawberry greenhouse. PDI (Peter Dekker Installations) had no prior business relationship with Gijbert Kreling, the owner of Dutch Berries, but his name was certainly not unfamiliar in the industry. With multiple greenhouses in the Bommelerwaard region, Gijbert had already established a significant reputation. After a phone call, our first meeting was scheduled.

Our journey with Dutch Berries

Dutch Berries & PDI

"On the first visit to Dutch Berries, I spoke with Gijbert. He was an extremely pleasant person to deal with and was known for his no-nonsense attitude. He was just himself, which I greatly appreciated. During that initial conversation, I also met his partner, Boudewijn van der Wal, who also left a positive impression on me," said Jeroen de Jonge, Sales at Peter Dekker Installations.

Subsequently, the process of preparing quotations began. Quoting for the installation of a shading system covering a whopping 20 hectares was no ordinary task. Step by step, we got closer, but the project was far from certain. Jeroen remarked, "A comment from Gijbert has always stuck with me: Why does the best always have to be the most expensive? I considered that a great compliment. In the end, we were honored to carry out this beautiful project, namely the installation of a shading system using the Slip-In system."

Two years later, Dutch Berries expanded by 4 hectares and added lighting to the greenhouse. This meant that we were entrusted with installing blackout curtains and facade screens. Another two years down the road, the installation of blackout curtains and facade screens extended to the original 10-hectare greenhouse due to the addition of lighting. The original energy cloth was therefore dismantled (easily done with the Slip-In system).

In light of recent challenges, such as the energy crisis, PDI and Dutch Berries continued to show resilience. PDI, together with Dutch Berries' employees, installed an additional shading system with energy cloth in the 10-hectare and 4-hectare illuminated greenhouses.

And the success story continues. Dutch Berries is expanding by 4.5 hectares this year, and this greenhouse will be equipped with an energy cloth using the Slip-In system. This brings the total area of our collaboration to an impressive 42.5 hectares!

Dutch Berries Dutch Berries is a company run by the dedicated entrepreneurs Gijbert and Boudewijn. Located in the Netherlands, these two visionaries are committed to delivering high-quality strawberries to their customers. With a passion for sustainable farming practices and a keen eye for quality, Gijbert and Boudewijn have turned Dutch Berries into a synonym for freshness and taste. Their dedication to growing healthy and flavorful strawberries, combined with their love for the environment, makes Dutch Berries a respected company in the agricultural sector and a source of healthy treats for consumers worldwide.

This collaboration is not only based on hectares but also on mutual trust and shared values. Gijbert and Boudewijn are not only praised for their business success but also for their pleasant way of working together.