Perfection in confection

De Molen Agro b.v. has been located in Naaldwijk since 2005. This independent company, which works together with Peter Dekker Installaties, specialises in fabricating screen cloths. For the past 10 years, the company has been run by Steven Roth and Henk Vijverberg.

Responding quickly

The work of De Molen Agro is mainly to provide screens that need to roll with steel wires and retractors. For proper installation and functioning of a roller screen, the top is fitted with a steel wire. This steel wire is then tensioned to allow the screen to be hung properly. A rope core is attached to the underside of the screen, which is then slid into a roller tube.

Most of the work is therefore done on a project basis. However, it can also happen that a fault occurs or a broken roller screen needs to be repaired. Many cloths, without confection, are kept in stock at De Molen, making it possible to react quickly and resolve the fault for the customer. For PDI, De Molen Agro has become an essential component.

Outgrown itself

In recent years, the company has experienced healthy growth. The growth at PDI, as well as the fact that De Molen Agro b.v. is getting more and more orders from third parties, meant there was more and more demand for the manufacture of cloths for roof roller screens, facade screens and twin walls.

The current location proved to be no longer suitable to handle this growth. This year, therefore, De Molen will move to a new location about 400 metres away. This is a very spacious building that will be used for several purposes. De Molen will have a wonderful new confection machine that can fabricate cloth of up to 6.00 m wide. The building will also be used to store all types of screen cloths used by PDI. As a result, there will soon be a hall where there are only screen cloths.

Major renovation

Biersteker Geveltechniek is currently installing new facade cladding. Partition walls have been installed in the hall so that the confection area and storage are separated. New offices and a canteen have also been added. De Molen Agro is very much looking forward to taking this new location into use.

Perfection in screencloth sewing

Since 2005 is in Naaldwijk (Holland) De Molen Agro b.v. located. This independent company, that has a collaboration with Peter Dekker Installations, is specialized in sewing cloths for screeninstallations. The last 10 years the company is run by Steven Roth en Henk Vijverberg.
Act very fast
The work of De Molen is mostly providing rolling screencloths with the necessay materials for a correct way of installling. Most of the work is on projectbase, but sometimes it happens that a screencloth gets damaged and needs to be repared very quickly. Most cloths are in stock at De Molen, therefore it is eay to solve the problem as fast as possible. De Molen has become a essential part of PDI. 
A stable growth
In recent years the company has experienced a healthy growth. Because of the expansion at PDI, but also the fact that De Molen gets more orders from third parties, the need for sewing screencloths became bigger and bigger. The current location turned out to be no longer suitable to handle this growth. Therefore De Molen will move this year to a new location, only 400 meters futher. This is a bigger hall wich will be used for serveral activities. De Molen will get a complete new machine for sewing cloths up to 6,00 m wide. The hall will also be used to stock all sorts of screencloths used by PDI. This way we have location where only cloths can be find.
Complete renovation
At this moment the company Biersteker Geveltechniek is providing the outside walls with new sidings. In the hall sepration walls are installed for creating more compartments. Now De Molen and the stock compartment can be divided. Also new office rooms and canteens are fitted. De Molen and PDI both can't wait to use this new fassility.