At Peter Dekker Installatiens, we are that lucky. There, last Friday, we celebrated the 30th anniversary at PDI of Martien Verhulst and Piet Rensen.

Together at PDI for 60 years

If you regularly get to celebrate with cake in honour of colleagues’ anniversaries, that is positive. Positive for the company, positive for the relevant colleagues, and for the rest of the staff too, of course, because they benefit from the experience present as well as a nice piece of cake.
At Peter Dekker Installaties, we are that lucky. Last Friday, we celebrated the 30th anniversary of Martien Verhulst and Piet Rensen. Martien and Piet were given flowers on Friday, addressed by the management and, of course, there was cake.

Mix of young and experience

"It is great to see that many people have been with us for a long time", says Martien, one of the jubilarians and in the calculation department throughout his PDI time. He himself started as the only calculator, but with the growth of the company, he now has two more colleagues there. "Younger guys. They learn from me as the 'old school guy', while I learn from them. Having such a nice mix of young and experience is a good development."

Sons of growers

Both Martien and Piet have experienced a lot in horticulture. Piet initially worked 'in the field' but now organises of the service and planning department at the office in Naaldwijk. Both men have seen horticulture grow big. And sometimes also the grower, the customer. Martien: "What I like is that you are now sometimes making calculations and quotations for the sons of customers from the past. They have taken over the company, but still come to us, just as their fathers did. That makes me proud".
Of particular note, Martien calls the regular 'very complex, challenging projects' for breeding companies. "Those are projects with many different departments and then multiple installations in each department, you know. It's great to work on those and to bring both the calculations and the textual explanations to the customer correctly every time, together with the sales colleagues."

Not done by a long shot

Martien and Piet aren’t done by a long shot. Piet, who is older than Martien, said last year that even after his retirement age, he hopes to be able to be around for as long as possible, without getting in the way. And that he will continue his annual visits to the greenhouses in Middenmeer to catch up with customers.
And Martien? He is aiming for another anniversary. "Forty years of service should also be achievable. That's what I'm shooting for. After all, I still enjoy going to work every day."


Together 60 years at PDI

It is always positive when you can eat a lot of cake in honor of celebrating colleagues. Positive for the company, for the colleagues in question and also for the rest of the staff, because they are taking advantage of the experience and a nice piece of cake.
At Peter Dekker Installations whe have that luck. Last friday we celebrated that Martien Verhulst en Piet Rensen both are working for 30 years at PDI. Both men still enjoy there work. Martien and Piet were both put in the spotlights and received the compliments of the CEO. 

Mix of young and experience

"It is good to see that a lot of colleagues work for a long time at PDI", says Martien. From day one Martien is working as a costprice engineer. At first he was the only person doing this job, but with the expansion of the company two more colleagues joined him. "Younger guys. They learn from me as 'old school man' while i am learning from them. It is good to see that we have such a nice mix of young and experience."

Sons of growers

Both Martien and Piet have seen a lot in the agriculture. Piet workt first "in the field", but these days he is manager of the planning department at the office. They both saw the agriculture become bigger and bigger. Martien says: "What i really like is making quotations for the next generation of clients. They are now in charge of there farthers company and keep the relation with PDI alive. "I am very proud of that."
Special for Martien are the very complex projects. These are projects with a lot of compartments and multiple screens. It is nice to be part of these projects. Making a representative and good quotation is what it's all about.

Not ready for a long time

Both men have no intention to stop yet. Piet, who is older then Martien, hopes to join the club as long a possible. The annually visit to some growers is one of the things he likes the most.
And Martien? He is going for a next anniversary. "Fourty years should be possible. That is what i aim for. Going to work is still a lot of fun.