Screen systems by PDI can be found all over the world.

PDI in Africa

Screen systems by PDI can be found all over the world. Even in Africa. This continent is home to a lot of horticulture. The climate is regular and there is no lack of sunshine. Partly because of the sun, you see more and more screen systems in Africa. After all, using screens saves water. And that is starting to become very important. Almost all greenhouses in Africa are plastic greenhouses. Even in these greenhouses, it is possible to install a good screen system. PDI even installs real blackouts here. PDI is active in Africa in countries including South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia and Tunisia.

Help from enthusiastic local staff

From Holland, the materials are shipped to the destination. PDI sends an experienced supervisor to the project to start assembling the installations together with customer personnel. Working with the men and women is always a fun experience. At the start, they really have no idea what they need to do, let alone know what a screen system is. But usually, after about a day of work, they are already flying around like true screen installers. Sometimes literally flying, because if there is a lack of equipment, they sometimes literally hang from the ventilation shafts. It is nice to see that people who do not speak each other's language and come from different cultures can work together so well.

PDI in Africa

PDI is active on many continents. One of them is Africa. In this part of the world you will find a lot of agriculture. There is a lot of sun and year round an even climate. Almost all of the greenhouses are plastic greenhouses. This type of greenhouse is also suitable for a screeninstallation. They are different then the European known glass greenhouses, but with some knowledge you can mount a good working screen in it. You will find the PDI screens in South-Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia and Tunis.

Help from ambitious local mechanicsĀ 

From Holland the materials are shipt to the country of destination. An experienced supervisor from Holland will install the installations with the help of the locals. Working with locals is allways fun. These guys (and girls) have absolutely no clue what they must do. But after some short time they will run around like proper screen-mechanics. With the right attitude and ambitions. Even with different cultures, a good collaboration between people is possible all over the world.