Stainless steel tubular rail carts

No fewer than 15 brand-new tubular rail carts are ready and waiting at PDI. And since they are entirely made of stainless steel, they are literally shining. They are the scissor lift Qii-Lift H652, a well-known model from Bogaerts with a platform height of 6.5 metres. Greenhouses are getting higher and higher and safety is paramount for us. We are currently installing second systems in various greenhouses or renovating the existing screens and screen systems. It regularly happens that these greenhouses have a column height of 6.00 m. In order to work properly and safely at this height, the right tubular rail carts are needed.

Stainless steel

The most special thing about these carts is that they are made entirely of stainless steel. This is because the carts always go to a different project. Given the increasing disease pressure in the professional horticulture sector, it is extremely important to disinfect all equipment 100% before using it on the next job. To this end, disinfectants with high acidity (pH 2-4) are increasingly being used. A standard double powder coating already provides a good barrier against chemical action on the steel structure of the scissor lifts. The stainless steel chassis, scissors and work platform offer even better protection against potential corrosion.

Additional innovation under the chassis

Underneath the chassis, there is another nice innovation. The quick reduction set allows quick and easy adjustment of the flange wheels in centre-to-centre distance. In practice, this makes it possible to use the scissor lifts in greenhouses with different tubular rails, ranging from 425 to 650mm. All in all, it has become a hefty investment, but it is the only right way to continue working between crops.”