Expansion of the team

Once again, we are pleased to introduce two new PDI staff members to you.

Leon Delhez

Last month, Leon Delhez joined PDI. In the position of financial controller, Leon is set to take over all CFO Gabriël van Oostenbruggen's tasks in the future. Leon is 46 years old and comes from the Westland. Earlier this year, he was ready for a new challenge after resigning from an employment agency where he was financial director. Immediately afterwards, he was able to start working at PDI, a company he has known for a long time through owner Peter Dekker himself. A good name and a nice company, he sums up. “So the idea is that I will eventually be in charge of the finance department, but I will also do my part at the organisational level”.

Before he puts himself behind his computer screen, however, it is first time to get to know the screens of PDI better. “As a Westlander, screen systems are not entirely new to me, but I am far from knowing the real tricks of the trade. I am looking forward to being able to learn more about this”.

Fleur Litjens

The next member of the PDI team is called Fleur Litjens. Fleur is 21 years old and also lives in the Westland. She will focus on social media and will assist the administration department where necessary. It is impossible to imagine today's society without social media, and it is certainly becoming increasingly important for PDI. After all, you can reach a lot of customers and potential customers all over the world via social media in a short space of time. By adding Fleur to the team, PDI will also remain highly recognisable in this area.


Welcome to PDI

Needless to say, we at PDI are delighted with these two acquisitions, and hope they continue to feel comfortable within the company. If you are looking for another job yourself or know someone else who is, please check our website. www.pdinl.com. There might be something there for you.

We are happy to announce two more staff members. We would like to introduce them to you.

Extension of the team

Leon Delhez

This month Leon Delhez has started his new job at PDI. In the roll as financial controller he will slowly take over all the tasks from CFO Gabriël van Oostenbruggen. Leon is 46 year of age and lives in the Westland. Earlier this year he decided that it was time for a new challenge and resigned as financial director at a employment agency. Right after that he started at PDI, a company he knew for a longer time through owner Peter Dekker. "Eventually I will be responsible for the whole financial department, but I will also assist on organizational level. Before he takes his place behind his desk, it is first time to learn more about the world of screeninstallations. This world is a bit new for me but I can't wait to discover it, says Leon.

Fleur Litjens

Also new in the team is Fleur Litjens. Fleur is 21 years and also lives in the Westland. She will be responsible for all the social-media. These days social-media is all around us and is becoming more and more important for PDI. Through social-media you can reach very fast a lot of clients and potential clients all over the world. With Fleur in control of this department PDI will also stay recognizable on the world wide web.  

Welcome at PDI

At PDI we are very happy with these two colleagues. And we hope that they are ready for a great career. When you are looking for a new job, or when you know someone who does then please check our website www.pdinl.com. Maybe you will be our new member.